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USB Adapter for Automotive Ethernet (BroadR-Reach / OABR / 100Base-T1)

The oabrDongle is a media converter between the Automotive-Ethernet physical layer "BroadR-Reach™ / OABR / 100Base-T1" and the standard Ethernet physical layer.  The oabrDongle is plugged into the USB-Port of a PC and allows a direct connection between a PC and an automotive Ethernet network. The Windows operating system recognizes and installs the oabrDongle as a standard Ethernet interface.

With a USB-connected oabrDongle all Windows applications are able to connect directly to an OABR/100Base-T1 Automotive-Ethernet network. With this comfortable USB solution commonly used and often free available windows tools e.g. Wireshark® can be used to analyze Automotive-Ethernet network traffic and protocol transfer.

An easy to use configuration tool is available to control master/slave settings like VLAN, MAC and IP address. Using a specific expert mode the internal registers of the oabrDongle integrated bus controller TJA1100 are also accessible. An optionally available PCAP driver can be used to protect the company network against attacks.

The oabrDongle may be used for simulation, analysis, rapid prototyping and furthermore to connect 100Base-T1 camera systems. The oabrDongle draws is current from the USB port, an external power supply is not necessary. Also Laptops/Notebooks without Ethernet interface can be connected directly to the Automotive-Ethernet network, this is a additional positive advantage of the oabrDongle.

Standards supported

  • BroadR-Reach
  • OABR
  • 100Base-T1
  • Unshielded twisted pair (UTP)

System requirements

  • Windows™ 7, Windows™ 10, Windows™ 11, Linux