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USB Adapter for Automotive Ethernet(100Base-T1 / 1000Base-T1)

The aDongle is a media converter between the automotive Ethernet physical layer "BroadR-Reach™ / OABR / 100BASE-T1 / 1000BASE-T1" and the standard Ethernet physical layer. The aDongle is connected to the PC via a USB port and allows a direct connection of a PC to an Automotive Ethernet network. Under Windows and Linux, the aDongle is recognized as a standard Ethernet interface.

With an aDongle plugged into the USB port, all Windows programs can directly access the OABR / 100BASE-T1 / 1000BASE-T1 automotive Ethernet network. This allows the user to perform analysis on an automotive Ethernet bus using free (or standard) network tools, such as Wireshark®.

An easy-to-use configuration tool provides setting options for Master / Slave, 100BASE-T1 / 1000BASE-T1, VLAN, MAC address and IP. The aDongle can also be used for error analysis of a cabling. It provides indicators for signal quality and cable quality, and tests the cable for a short circuit.

The aDongle is powered by the USB port and does not require an external power supply. Another advantage of the aDongle is that laptops without an Ethernet interface can also be connected directly to the Automotive Ethernet via USB.

Use cases

  • Media converter
  • Simulation
  • Analysis
  • Gateway
  • Logging
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Connection of cameras

Technical details

  • USB 3.0 Type B Connector
  • D-Sub 9-polig (Connector) for BroadR-Reach / OABR / 100BASE-T1 / 1000BASE-T1
  • Master / Slave via software
  • 100BASE-T1 / 1000BASE-T1 via software
  • Status LED
  • Signal Quality Indicator
  • Cable Quality Indicator
  • Virtual Cable Test


  • Windows™ 7, Windows™ 10, Windows™ 11, Linux