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Automotive Ethernet Switch (BroadR-Reach / OABR / 100Base-T1 / 1000Base-T1)

The aSwitch is a 8-port switch for the Automotive Ethernet Physical Layer "BroadR-Reach™ / OABR / 100Base-T1 / 1000Base-T1". It is connected to the PC via a standard Ethernet port and thus allows a PC to be connected directly to an Automotive Ethernet network. The switch can be configured under Windows and Linux via an intuitive user interface.

An advantage of the aSwitch is the filter that can be used for deep packet inspection. This means that data packets are analyzed and filtered down to the bit level in the header area. The header area can be up to 96 bytes long. There are several actions for the filter to choose from. You can discard the data packets, mirror them to a mirror port, redirect them to a specific port, overwrite the VLAN ID or just execute a counter.

With an aSwitch plugged into the 1000Mbit/s standard Ethernet port, all Windows programs can directly access the automotive Ethernet network. This allows the user to perform an analysis on an automotive Ethernet bus using freely available (or standard) network tools, such as Wireshark®.

An easy-to-use configuration tool offers setting options for master / slave, VLAN, PTP, port mirroring and filters. The configurations can also be stored directly on the device. The aSwitch can therefore also be used as a stand-alone device. The tool also provides detailed statistical information. The aSwitch can be used as a gateway, for simulation, analysis, logging, media converter and rapid prototyping, among other things.

Use cases

  • Media converters
  • Simulation
  • Analysis
  • Gateway
  • Logger
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Connection of OABR cameras

Technical details

  • 5x D-Sub 9-pin for BroadR-Reach™ / OABR / 100Base-T1 / 1000Base-T1
  • 5x 100Base-T1
  • 2x 100Base-T1 / 1000Base-T1
  • 1x RJ45, 1.000 Mbit/s
  • Optional USB 3.0
  • Master / Slave switching via software
  • Status LED
  • PTP
  • Port-Mirroring
  • VLAN
  • Statistic
  • Deep-Packet-Inspection
  • Filter (MAC, IP, UDP, SOME/IP)

System requirements

Windows™ 7, Windows™ 10, Windows™ 11, Linux

SDK for Automotive Ethernet Switch

With this programming interface (SDK) the switch can be easily integrated into your own projects.

The interface supports the programming languages C/C++ and Python. Thus, the Automotive Ethernet Switch can be integrated into projects with LabVIEW, among others. The SDK offers various application possibilities. The functions range from configuration for master/slave to settings for PTP.

Use cases

  •     End-Of-Line Tests
  •     Unit tests
  •     LabView Integration

Technical details

  •     Master / Slave
  •     Enable / disable ports
  •     PTP
  •     Port mirroring
  •     VLAN
  •     Statistics

System requirements

Windows™ 7, Windows™ 10, Linux