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CANdbc Import .Net ClassLibrary

CANdbc® files define the communication format of the datastream between ECUs in an automotive CAN bus network (CAN = Controller Area Network). The content of a CANdbc file database describes such a communication system based on ECUs, messages, signals and codings. The CANdbc data format allows data exchange between design, configuration, simulation and monitoring tools in an easy way.

The CANdbc Import DLL is a .Net Class Library, which significantly simplifies the integration of CANdbc files into software written in C# and VB.Net.

The CANdbc Import .Net Class Library delivers functions for import and utilize the content of a CANdbc file. In addition ECUs, messages and signals may be changed or removed from the CANdbc database. The informations contained in a CANdbc file (ECUs, messages, signals, signal values, multiplexer, timings etc.) are presented to the caller in form of methods and structures.

With the Signal-Evaluation the signals inside an actual received CAN Message Option can be displayed an evaluated.

Examples in C#, and VB.Net simplify the integration into custom software modules.